Rabbi Sitorsky's shiur (lesson) on the weekly Torah parsha on MP3.

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The shiur takes place each Tuesday night at 8:45 PM at The Agudah of Bayswater

2422 Bayswater Avenue Far Rockaway

The learning for this week's shiur, New Shiur - Tetzaveh, should be an expression of Hakaras Hatov for the recent redemption of:

Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka (Rubashkin).

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Rabbi Sitorsky can now be seen and heard on Torah Anytime
and Kol Haloshon! (English >> Lessons in T'Nach in the weekly Sedra >> Shiurim in Parshat Hashavu'a >> Harav Mordechai Sitorsky)

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Rabbi Sitorsky giving his shiur on the weekly Torah parsha in Bayswater, New York.

Rabbi Sitorsky of Bayswater's weekly Torah shiur (available on this site in MP3 format) is an advanced level discussion on the weekly Torah parsha. The Rav goes deeper into the Torah parsha covering key topics and connecting and relating them to the calendar and their significance to us. He weaves his unique shiurim with an eclectic array of sources including Gemara, Rishonim, Achronim and Sifrei Kabbala. If you enjoy these MP3 Torah parsha shiurim, please tell a friend about this site.

Rabbi Sitorsky is available for speaking engagements. If you are interested in having him speak in your shul or event please send an email to scharflevi@gmail.com. Questions or comments to the Rav on the Torah parsha or his MP3 shiur or shiurim can also be sent to this address.